Lindsay Glasgow

City of Edinburgh Council

Thomas & Adamson are the project managers for the City of Edinburgh Council’s£165m ‘Wave 3 Schools’ project. They made a significant contribution to the Outline Business Case, the feasibility studies and cost appraisals, and leading option appraisal, risk management and prioritisation workshops. They were also responsible for the project prioritisation, undertaking condition surveys of the five schools and ensuring this processes conformed with national guidance on education asset planning. They were also responsible for identifying a programme of essential improvement works to ensure the schools remain operational until they are replaced. Their coordinate disparate disciplines from within the Council and engage with key stakeholders from the schools’ parental bodies through workshops and regular meetings.

They delivered well considered and evaluated options which contributed to creating a consensus view and delivering a robust strategy that remained unchallenged in a politically sensitive environment. They have subsequently been appointed to project management the implementation of the Wave 3 project. They are currently engaged in developing the strategic brief for the project, considering transformational educational change, working with the school communities to deliver modern, flexible learning environments