External Wall System form (EWS1)

Following the tragedy of Grenfell Tower in 2017 the external wall system form (EWS1) was introduced in December 2019 to assess the external wall risk on residential properties over 18m.

The EWS1 form which is valid for 5 years, checks the safety of the external wall system (cladding, insulation, fire break systems) of residential buildings including student accommodation, dormitories, care homes and HMO’s. It was created in collaboration with mortgage, housing market trade bodies and industry experts.

In January 2020, under Government advice, further changes where introduced to bring other buildings into scope. Primarily the form covered buildings over 18m, however buildings below this height with a specific ‘concern’ are now required to undertake the EWS1 form process.

Our building surveying team have been advising clients on managing the new process for the EWS1 form. If you would like advice or further information on our service, please get in touch with hamish.paterson@thomasandadamson.com .

For further information contact:

Hamish Paterson
Associate Director