Client: The City of Edinburgh Council

Project: ‘Fit for future’

Budget: Undisclosed

Services: Technical advisor, project management, space planning, move management, commissioning management

Project summary: The City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) embarked upon a ‘Fit for Future’ programme for their corporate property around the city. At the heart of the project was the creation of a new HQ building, Waverley Court. Initially, CEC entered into a lease agreement with a private developer/fund who delivered the building to CEC’s specification, however, upon completion, CEC purchased the building.

The overall project included the assessment of all existing corporate property; the ability and cost to modernise, together with the opportunity cost to sell (freehold assets). In the end, existing key assets such as the City Chambers were modernised in line with the new project standards, whilst other assets such as Colburn Street were sold.

Move management was a key aspect as the project moved through its many phases, with approx 2,000 people moving around the estate as works progressed.

CEC Waverley Court