Hotel Consultancy

Our in-house hotel consultancy team has extensive experience of working with hoteliers, operators, developers and investors, and we have developed a complementary range of skills that we can bring to hotel and leisure projects. This insight adds significant value to the process and allows us to offer creative and innovative value driven solutions, including:

  • a fundamental appreciation and understanding of how a hotel and each of its component parts actually works, both in isolation and as part of the building as a whole;
  • an understanding of the various contractual arrangements that can be adopted between an operator and developer and how each impacts upon the development of any project;
  • an understanding of individual operators’ requirement; design guides and manuals and the review and interrogation of these to align with any particular project;
  • the distillation of these design guides to inform and provide the project brief;
  • the identification, selection, management and control of specialist consultants and contractors and the integration of each within the over-riding project parameters; and
  • a working knowledge of the separate Fittings, Furniture and Equipment (FF&E) component; what this comprises and the various methodologies for its procurement and installation.