Kings Head Theatre London

Our London QS team have recently been appointed on the new Kings Head Theatre which will be located within the £400m Islington Square development on an adjacent site just behind the pub. The proposals for the new venue include a 270-seat auditorium with an additional smaller 70-seat studio and bar.

The theatre spaces will be located four floors below ground level with a box office at ground level to direct patrons to the lower levels; the new entrance to the venue will be located feet away from the original King’s Head venue.

The King’s Head Theatre was founded (in its current venue, a public house) in 1970; and established the first pub theatre in London since Shakespeare’s day. Its current 110 seat auditorium has helped launch the careers of many leading British theatre actors, producers and directors including stars including Alan Rickman, Sir Ben Kingsley, Richard E. Grant, and French & Saunders. The venue offers a diverse programme of theatre and opera, with more than 800 performances in 2016, numerous prestigious award nominations and wins such as the Olivier Awards, as well as premiered stage performances such as Shock Treatment, the sequel to the Rocky Horror Picture Show.